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Preschool Tolland CT | Preschool of the Arts

Child Care Tolland CT early childhood art Preschool artPSA Tolland is an educational child care facility daycare located at 684 Tolland Stage Rd., Tolland CT (near the Senior Center and Tolland Green) that serves children age 16 months through 12 in a comprehensive child care setting. It is fully licensed by the State of Connecticut.

At all schools, children are bused to and from all public schools in the town at no extra charge to the parents. We pride ourselves in serving families in the surrounding communities by providing quality child care while delivering a rich curriculum for all children with emphasis on the arts.

PSA Tolland serves 47 children ages 16 months through 12. We maintain a 1-4 teacher to student ratio for children under 3 and a  1-10 teacher to student ratio for children 3 and over..

The children in our schools are happy to be there and are always discovering new things about the world around them. They have music every day, frequently with a music specialist. Art projects are done several times during the day. Movement is taught weekly by a dance teacher who specializes in early childhood movement as a precursor to dance. Spanish is also taught weekly by a Spanish speaking teacher. All subjects are taught - literature, language arts, math, science (often called discovery at the early childhood level) using the arts as a vehicle to present these important subjects.

We present "Family Nights" around certain themes several times a year. There is a literacy night where parents are able to hear from experts in the field of early literacy about methods they can use to increase their children's interest and skill in pre-reading. Later in the school year, we have a Family Music Night where families join together to make music and participate in movement activities. We also have an Family Art Night where families are able to create their own work of art with their child.

All the activities presented at PSA Tolland are ones that are stimulating the child's creativity and independent thinking skills that will stand them in good sted throughout their journey through life. We like to think of ourselves as surrogate parents, working in your place when you aren't able to be with your child.

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