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My daughter has been in the Early Beginnings program for a few months now and I just wanted to send a note to let you know that I am so happy to be a part of the Preschool of the Arts Early Beginnings family! All the staff have been so warm and welcoming. 

Being a new mom, it was hard to leave my daughter for the first time but Emily and all the girls that work in room one have made me feel super comfortable and are always pleasant. My daughter always has a big smile on her face when I pick her up so I know she is loving her time in room one!

Tracy has also been the best! She is always friendly and has a big smile for my daughter whenever we see her. She is very welcoming and always makes me feel like I'm part of the family.  I love how involved she is with everything around the school. I can tell she really enjoys what she does. 

I am so happy that my daughter is growing and learning in an environment that feels more like family than a daycare. Please let the staff know that they all are doing a wonderful job and to keep up the great work! 

Thank you so much!


Early Beginnings- 685 Old Post Rd, Tolland, CT 06084


Ellington- 20 Church St, Ellington, CT 06029


Tolland- 3002, 684 Tolland Stage Rd, Tolland, CT 06084



" ... I would like to thank you.  I know that you and John do everything you can to keep these facilities safe, affordable, and full of love for our children.  I know that it is a huge challenge to try to meet our needs and the needs of your staff with the budget you have available.  Early beginnings knows how to balance the challenges of operating a regulated facility with the down-to-earth love and patience that caregivers need to foster a warm, welcoming place for parents and families.  I truly thank you all from the bottom of my heart."

Stacy Smith


Our children, Trevor and Hailey, have attended PSA since the time that they each turned three years old. Coming from a home daycare, we were a bit nervous about how they would adjust to a different setting. However, our nerves were quickly calmed as the teachers of PSA have been so caring and loving and attentive to their needs. PSA provides a structured environment yet allows children the freedom to explore and discover on their own. READ MORE

Emily Mayo

Our child's time with PSA has been absolutely amazing on a number of different levels. The cleanliness of the buildings, the art education, and above all the integrity and professionalism of the teachers make for a superior experience for our child.

Cleanliness was one of the top priorities as we began our search for a daycare/pre- school. When I went to PSA to make an unannounced, initial assessment, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found there. Not only was John, the owner, there doing manual labor to repair the building, but he took the time to stop what he was doing and show me around. On a daily basis, PSA is kept tidy and orderly given the painting, dancing, playing, and general fun that the kids have. It is impressive how I always see the teachers cleaning, organizing, disinfecting, and tidying. Indeed, the physical structure of a building plays a very important part in the learning process of a child. PSA does a good job in terms of maintenance and overall cleanliness.

As an educator, I am impressed by the arts focus of the school. My child has been the recipient of, what I feel is, a superior art and music pre-school education. The teachers, in addition, have a genuine interest in promoting arts education and actively pursue professional development to further their own knowledge. John and Sue, as well as the other teachers, have a genuine interest in the arts and their fascination with them is evident in the curriculum that they teach. My child paints, dances, sings, builds and plays instruments, and, consequently, has developed an early love of all things creative. For this, my spouse and I are grateful. They do this while also maintaining a balance between the arts and promoting literacy and numeracy in the children that they care for. Indeed, the field trips, concerts, and art projects speak volumes regarding the total experience of the child.

Perhaps the most important element of PSA is the professional integrity of the teaching staff. They have a genuine love of children and take an active role in not only their education, but also in providing hugs, tickles, comfort, and active, healthy play. Sue and John, along with the entire staff, believe in allowing children room to breathe and be independent. Further, Sue and John, along with Gail (Director) and Zandra (Assistant Director), maintain high standards while not smothering their teachers. The staff is relaxed and always friendly. Indeed, in the two years that we have been there, we have seen very little turnover. This speaks volumes in terms of how happy the staff is to be working at PSA.

I highly recommend PSA to any and all families who do not settle for daycares that simply warehouse children and don't attend to their emotional, physical, and academic health. John and Sue have built a wonderful school for children to flourish. In addition, Gail, Zandra, and the staff are always professional, warm, and above all, caring about the level of service and education they provide.

Ultimately, during the decision process, a parent must ask themselves if their child will be safe and well taken care of by those that are trusted to educate them. PSAs climate, educational experience, and caring staff ultimately leads parents to a resounding YES!"

Matt Macaluso, Tolland

Our daughter has learned so much attending PSA – both academically and socially. The teachers are truly invested in her education and well-being and have worked with us to ensure her success at school. She loves music, especially singing, and enjoys performing in the two concerts that occur during the school year. We love all of the activities PSA offers, including field trips and family-oriented events. We couldn't be more pleased with our daughter's preschool and Pre-K experience.

Michael and Carolyn Lockward

I would like to give you a couple of my testimonials. First would be to you (Sue) and John (Leavitt) on your compassion to us as parents/grandparents in unusual and sometimes difficult situations. You are always willing to work with us and offer a variety of solutions or suggestions. I personally appreciate all that you do. Second there is my child's teacher. Picking up the kids at the end of the day is usually a wild and crazy time and I so appreciate that she takes the time to pack up the kids bags with all of their belongings. It makes pick-up time so much smoother when I'm not searching for things.

As a whole, thank you to you and your staff for all that you do!
Sue George

Thank you!

January 9, 2014

Dear Preschool of the Arts Staff and Donors,

Thank you so much for your continued support of Ellington's Holiday Sharing Program. The success of this program is dependent on reliable, returnig donors like you and we are very grateful for your commitment to helping those who are less fortunate in our community.

As always we are grateful for your food donations for Thanksgiving. We appreciate you taking on a large family for Christmas. Enclosed is a card of thanks from your recipient family.

Thank you once again for organizing and delivering all the goods.

Wishing everyone good health & good fortune in 2014.


The Ellington Human Services Staff

I am putting my second child through PSA Ellington. Both of my children love the music, art projects, reading time and creative snacks. I believe that PSA gave my first child a great head start preparing for kindergarten and first grade. I can't say how much I appreciate the teachers. They are the same as 4 years ago, when my daughter when through the program, confirming that they genuinely love their jobs and the children. The entire organization is cared for professionally and the flexibility to my changing work schedule can always be accommodated. I have strongly recommended the program to friends. Ellington is lucky to have PSA here - it definitely makes it a better town to raise kids in.

Jimmy and Heidi Delisle

Dear Zandra and Everyone at PSA Tolland,

Thank you so very much for your recent delivery of children's books donated to the Books to Dreams, Inc. program!

What a lovely surprise! It was most kind and generous of you. The children are always thrilled to choose their own books to keep. Thank you for believing in literacy and books for everyone's children. I wish you well.

In peace, Miriam


I also wanted to thank you for the work you and your wife have done in the short time since you took over. The differences are amazing and the center is much better for it. Every time my daughter leaves one room to move up to the next, I think it could not get any better than the last room. Then, when she arrives and gets settled in it it is incredible how the teachers care and nurture them in their own different ways. I can say personally we have loved every room/teacher and look forward to the future rooms and teachers still to come.

DD, Father

Good Morning Susan & John & Staff @ PSA

Just a big THANKS to all of you and the staff @ PSA. You are the best!! I recommend you to all my friends and family. Hailey has enjoyed all her times there and made alot of new friends & some great memories! You all will be surely missed!!! Take Care & Have a great summer!!

Many Thanks!!
Paula & Hailey Marquis

Susan and John,

Thank you for the care you have given our children for the past 5 years. They have learned so much, and made so many friendships in their time at PSA. They truly enjoyed PSA. My wife and I both felt great knowing our children were in the care of so many great teachers while we were working. It is a testament to you both, the kind of people you hire, and your program.

Wishing you continued success in educating children,

Dear John and Sue,

Thank you for all that you have done for us. Your support and help have done more than you will ever know in helping us get through the very difficult times over the past two years. Though Jeremy is very excited to be starting a new school and I know in my heart that it is time, I do so with great reluctance knowing we are leaving the security and comfort of PSA. Thank you from ALL the children and families that you give so much of yourselves to

Most sincerely,
Nancy (Nana), and Jeremy

My daughter, Kylie, and my son, Cole, attend Preschool of the Arts in Tolland. I wanted to reach out to you to tell you how happy I am with Preschool of the Arts and the staff. I moved my children over from a much larger daycare/after school facility about six weeks ago and am so pleased that I did so. The personal attention that your staff provides is incredible. When I pick them up at the end of the day, they always ask to stay....that says a lot! I look forward to many more happy days at Preschool of the Arts! ...I appreciate the staff and the program you provide to my kids.

Tiffany Anderson

I visited the Tolland branch of the Preschool of the Arts back in May with my daughter Aurora. I was very apprehensive going to check it out as we had tried another preschool before and she had a very bad experience, to say the least. My daughter is very shy and a bit insecure in new surroundings so let's just say I wasn't holding my breath about this working out. However, the school was amazing and the teachers so warm and loving, I instantly fell in love with the school and to my amazement, so did Aurora . We were there to find out about their Autumn openings but ended up signing her up for the following week per Aurora 's request. She's been there all summer and LOVES it. She talks about her teachers all the time and all her little friends. The school is in one word "Awesome". They offer activities like music, dance, Spanish, social studies, cooking, art indoor/outdoor play etc. The owners are Susan and John Leavitt. They are wonderful with any questions that I have had. They have responded immediately - it's very easy to talk with them. I guess the most important aspect of the school is that I feel very comfortable sending my daughter there I know she'll be well taken care of and safe.

Sigga Luce, Parent

We appreciate the dedication of all the staff at PSA over the 8 years we have been sending our children there. The experiences in art, music, and discovery (science-related) have been meaningful and encouraged exploration and growth over time. My children have taken great interest in these areas and have excelled in some cases. I attribute this (in part) to their learning and varied early experiences at PSA.

The staff has been caring, patient, and encouraging, yet firm, structure and guiding. Many have been there for the entire time our 3 children have attended- Mrs. Duckett, Mrs. Hinckley, Mrs. Paradis, Mrs. Grabon, and Mrs. Hazelton - all outstanding. We have also been pleased at the Leavitts' efforts at improving the program and inviting families to be part of this process - they have done a wonderful job taking over PSA.

We will remember our time at PSA with fondness and appreciation! Thank you to all who have been a part of our children's lives.

Michelle & Rob Terry

... Things are going really well with Braeden. We were nervous at the start of the school year as we were weaning him off of the medication he has been on since he was 17 months old (he's been seizure-free now for over 2 years!). But I was comfortable leaving him at PSA knowing full well that the staff there would be able to handle whatever would/could happen (which was most likely not going to anyway). It's hard to imagine the difficult things he's gone through in his short life and see him now--writing words, starting to read, making up great songs (that I can't believe he is making up, I have to ask him!), and I credit a lot of that to everyone at PSA!

Thanks again,

My daughter, Lucy, will end her wonderful, music and art-filled time at Preschool of the Arts this spring. She has grown, mentally and physically in this warm, nurturing environment. I thought of how blessed we are as parents to have a school for our children, a second home, full of talented teachers we can trust to care for our littlest ones. Lucy is not the only child I chose to enroll at PSA; my son, Liam, attended preschool here in 1999.

At the time, I knew Sue Leavitt as the teacher/owner of Family Academy of music. Liam attended Academy classes, where I was impressed by what Sue taught not only the children, but parents and caregivers as well. Needless to say I was excited to learn that Sue had purchased PSA, and understood that the quality of music and art education at PSA would not just continue, but expand. Sue brings with her and fosters in those around her, a love for learning and exploring through art and music. Lucy was extremely shy when she first set foot in door of PSA. I believe that caring teachers and an environment rich in music and art, coupled with performing in front of others, have driven back that shy part of her personality and helped her to blossom into an open, fun-loving child who welcomes new experiences.

As the owner of a small business, I know about thin margins. PSA has struggled for years to keep the price of excellent childcare within reach. I want Preschool of the Arts to flourish and to be there for the next generation of children and parents who are seeking something different.

Lois Noble, East Windsor

Thanks so much for your great care of Shianne, and for your flexibility and affordability. It has been a pleasure!

Heather L. Stanat