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School Policies

Preschool of the Arts — All Locations

1. Holiday School Closings

Holiday School Closings:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
    • We close at 2:00 PM on the day before Thanksgiving
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

At Preschool of the Arts, every family is entitled to one week of vacation for no charge that is equivalent to the number of days their child attends. Two weeks’ notice must be given for this family vacation time. If your care requirements are different during the summer, you may reduce your time to 50%, which allows you to save your child’s spot for the fall, and you may use PSA for 50% of the time on a scheduled basis.

2. Eligibility

Children are eligible beginning at age 6 weeks. Parents may choose to enroll children over age 3 in the summer program called Funcation. This allows parents to choose the weeks that are most helpful to them for ongoing childcare in the summer.

3. Toilet Training Policy

Toddler teachers work in concert with parents to begin the toilet training process. All children must be potty trained before they can enter the preschool program.

4. Flu Shot
ALL CHILDREN BETWEEN 6 MONTHS AND AGE 5 must have a flu shot per state regulations. A current Health Assessment from the child’s physician must be maintained on the school premises at all times.
5. Operating Hours

Operating hours for all locations are from 6:30 AM﹣5:45 PM.

6. Program Hours
  • Colonial Square
    • Unlimited Program – Children can attend 6:30 AM – 5:45 PM, five days a week.
    • School Age Program – hours as needed
    • Other programs with prior approval
  • Tolland and Ellington
    • Unlimited Program – Children can attend 6:45 AM – 5:45 PM, five days a week. Preschool programs are held both in the morning and in the afternoon.
    • Four Hour Program – 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM with a flexible drop off time between 8:30 AM – 8:45 AM and pick-up by 12:30 PM
    • Eight Hour Program — 8:30-3:30 PM with a flexible drop off and pick-up (other hours can be arranged)
    • Before/After Kindergarten
    • Before/After Grades (Ellington grades 1-3), Tolland grades 1-5)
    • Other programs with prior approval

We ask parents of children who stay until closing to arrive by 5:30 p.m., so the child will not be rushed, and the teacher has time to discuss the child’s day with the parent.

7. Pickup Policy
Notification is required if your child will be picked up by anyone other than those stated on the registration form. The proper notification includes written consent signed by the parent or guardian and presentation of proper identification by the person picking up the child.
8. Illness Policy

No sick child will be allowed to stay (i.e., temperature, rash, or vomiting). A sick child will be separated from the other students and allowed to rest on a cot until a parent or other designated adult comes. Before returning to school, a child must have a normal temperature for 24 hours or, in cases of a contagious illness, have permission from a doctor.

9. Behavior Policy
See Discipline Policy in Family Handbook
10. Dress Requirements

Please dress your child in comfortable clothing that will be easy for them to remove. Children need to be able to use the bathroom with little or no help. Drawstrings on clothing are a safety hazard; make sure tops and jackets are free of these. Children play outdoors weather permitting; please dress them appropriately (boots, snow pants, mittens, and hats in cold weather). Please label all clothing and boots.

11. Lunch

Lunch is brought from home and should be simple. We do not allow chocolate or peanuts. Hot dogs and grapes must be halved and sliced for children under 3. LUNCHES FOR AGE 3 AND OLDER WILL NOT BE HEATED. Parents are encouraged to use a thermos for heated items. Milk is provided for snack and lunch. If a child is allergic to milk, parents are encouraged to supply a substitute. Refrigeration is offered on a very limited basis, therefore please make sure lunches are packed with an ice pack. REMEMBER, ALL PSA LOCATIONS ARE NUT-FREE CENTER.

12. Snacks
Nutritious snacks are provided twice a day. Special birthday snacks are always welcome, if they are simple. You may provide a cake, cupcakes, cookies, or some other type of simple snack. No chocolate, please.
13. Extra Clothing
For all children, at least one complete set of extra clothing should be kept at the school in case of spills or toilet accidents and should be changed with the seasons. Please label all clothing and place in a small, non-plastic bag with your child’s name on it.
14. Diapers

Preschool of the Arts provides diaper wipes. Parents provide diapers and diaper cream for their children. A non-prescription topical medical form must be filled out for the diaper cream.

15. Naps

Preschool of the Arts follows the State of Connecticut’s safe sleep standards. Children under 12 months may have NOTHING in the crib (no pillow, blanket, lovie, etc.) All children from age 12 months to 6 years will have a rest time. Families must provide a crib sheet for the cots along with blanket, small pillow, or other items to encourage sleep.

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