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Childhood Art Programs - Tolland, CT

Preschool of the Arts’s three locations in Connecticut each have flexible schedules to accommodate the range of developmental stages within each classroom. We believe that a literate child is one who has exposure to many rich learning experiences. We encourage play and discovery with limited use of technology. Our Spanish teacher meets with preschool students weekly to set the foundation for language learning.

Family Events - Tolland, CT

Daily Schedule for All Locations

Infants – Schedule is flexible according to the needs of each individual
Toddler – Flexible schedule to include learning activities, outdoor play, snack, and naptime
Age 3-4Click to see our preschool schedule
School-age – Homework opportunities, free play, and outdoor time

Family Nights

We have regular Family Nights at all the schools and use it as a time for parents to visit the center and interact with the staff. Some of these nights are: Harvest Night (a time for costumes and Halloween-related activities), Cookies with Santa, Music Night, Math Night, Science Night, Art Night, Literacy Night, etc. We also do at least one concert for each center during the year. This is a performance where the children sing and display artwork.

Preschool Programs - Tolland, CT

PSA: Tolland

The Tolland location serves eight children 16 -36 months and 38 children over age 3. The open floor plan of this center allows for very creative learning experiences. This center has an outstanding playground that encourages children to be active.

Preschool Art Programs - Tolland, CT

PSA: Ellington

The Ellington location serves six children ages 16-36 months and 33 children over age 3. This location is centrally located in the Ellington community. It’s an easy walk to the public library and the Senior Center where the children often interact with the older people in the community.

Early Childhood Education - Tolland, CT

PSA: Colonial Square

Colonial Square serves 40 children ages 3 and under and 52 children over age 3. This center has individual classrooms that cater to the needs of specific age groups and the needs of each child. Infants and toddlers participate in early learning and developmental activities throughout the day.

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“Science and art equally are expressions of man’s marvelous plasticity of mind.”
-Jacob Bronowski, Scientist

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PSA Ellington has a very loving and dedicated staff that focus on helping them grow as students and people. They are always cooperative with meeting the specific needs of each child and their parents. I wouldn’t send my daughter anywhere else!
-Christie D.