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Infant & Toddler Programs CTINFANT & TODDLER PROGRAMS CT

Early Beginnings has room for 40 children from 6 weeks through 36 months. Once children reach age three and are potty trained they may be placed in the Preschool program. Infants are provided love and care from our early childhood teachers. Teachers work collaboratively with families to assure the schedules of the infants are followed daily. A communication log is provided to families at the end of the day to update sleep times and foods that the child ate. Nap time is "on demand" in the infant rooms and once a day after lunch in the toddler rooms. Stimulating music and activities are promoted to help meet infant milestones. Interactive floor and tummy time is used to meet social and physical needs.

Toddlers are provided with a creative curriculum to promote curiosity and creativity. Social skills are practiced through play and support with teacher guidance. Toddlers' self-help skills are promoted CT Toddler Care Programwith encouragement and praise. Teachers begin integrating structure in the classroom schedule. Circle time, art, music, literature, and movement are also incorporated each day. Nutritious snacks are provided for all children in the toddler room each morning and afternoon.


Early Beginnings presently has 55 spaces allotted to the Preschool Program for 3-4 year olds. The program focuses on curriculum from 8:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. with free play before and after. The program is divided into three major areas:

Creative Arts: Music / Drama / Art / Creative Movement
Discovery Activities: Math / Science / Social Studies / Show & Tell/ Cooking / Literature
Play Time: Free Play / Outdoor Play / Games / Physical Exercise

Snacks are provided, and they are selected and prepared to be both nutritious and enjoyable for the children. Many of the snacks are developed around the theme of the lessons. Snack is served in the morning and afternoon each day. During snack, children have a choice of milk or juice, or water.

Rest/quiet time, is provided for Preschool students for approximately one hour, as per the requirements of the State of Connecticut. A rest/quiet time for PreK/Kindergarten students allows children sufficient rest and a break from activities.

A limited number of field trips that are both fun and educational may be taken by the children in the Preschool and older classrooms during the summer months. These trips are usually planned around the theme of the week. Each one is well publicized. Parents are given information and permission slips prior to the trips.

CT Infant Care ProgramAs a team effort, the staff continues to promote a hands-on, thematic, integrated approach to learning. Our curriculum is based on the developmental abilities of the children attending the preschool. We continue to subscribe to the philosophy that children learn best through play and discovery.

Curriculum planning is an on-going, evolving process. We strive to upgrade and update our program to reflect the needs of the children, their families, and the community. We publish a monthly calendar for the parents as a basic guideline of events. The purpose is to establish a strong line of communication between the school and your family. It also allows teachers, parents, and the children time to prepare for upcoming activities and events and provides a sense of security for all those involved. We encourage parents to look ahead and prepare the child for what he/she will be doing in school on a daily basis.


Our PreK/Kindergarten Program is an outgrowth of our preschool program with a continuation of the hands-on, thematic, and integrated approach to learning.

Kindergarten teachers are aware of the varying needs and interests of the students and strive to promote, encourage, and incorporate variety into the curriculum. When utilizing a thematic unit, the kindergarten student examines the theme idea with a more in-depth perspective. To satisfy their curiosity, they often explore a topic for a week or more.

Our Kindergarten program allows children actively to explore their surroundings. We believe young children learn best by interacting with adults and other children in a lighthearted manner. As a result, we provide an environment that is exciting, enjoyable, and safe. At our school, we incorporate thematic learning centers, play activities, projects, and guest speakers into our curriculum. This interactive environment invites children to participate in hands-on activities while discovering, observing, experimenting, and creating. Our small class size allows the teachers to create a curriculum based upon the individual needs, developmental levels, and the interests of the children.

We believe these principles allow the children the opportunity to build a healthy, positive self-concept which is a stepping-stone to success.

The PreK program serves children who will be five by January 1st. The PreK program offers many of the same academic and social skills as the Kindergarten program, but at a relaxed pace with individual attention.

Please contact our Kindergarten teachers for copies of their daily schedule.


Funcation is a structured summer camp experience for children ages 3-7 in Ellington and 3-12 in Tolland. Each week is action packed with fun and leaning and will include hands-on crafts, physical activities, and lots of cultural experiences for the children. There will be singing and stories as well as bringing in many outside resources and using local facilities. As much time as possible is spent outdoors exploring the immediate environment as well as other areas in the neighborhoods of the schools. You may sign up for any week, and any number of days (minimum of 2 days per week).