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Testimonial: Emily Mayo

Our children have attended PSA since the time that they each turned three years old. Coming from a home daycare, we were a bit nervous about how they would adjust to a different setting. However, our nerves were quickly calmed as the teachers of PSA have been so caring and loving and attentive to their needs. PSA provides a structured environment yet allows children the freedom to explore and discover on their own.  They are exposed to art, music, physical education, dance, cooking, and Spanish as well as literacy, writing, social studies, and science.Our son is now in kindergarten and is excelling, no doubt, because of his time and experiences at PSA. The teachers instilled a sense of confidence and a love of the arts and reading in him that we hope continues for many years! Our daughter has blossomed into an outgoing, social little girl who absolutely loves her teachers and friends at PSA and even wants to go to school on weekends. Thank you, PSA, for loving our children and providing them with a solid educational foundation!

Emily Mayo