It’s Harder On Me Than My Child! Getting ready for school.

Posted on: August 23rd, 2017 by ctpadmin


It’s harder on me than my child!

How are you doing at getting ready for your child to go to school. It was a very long time ago that I sent my first child to Kindergarten as a working mom. The excitement of buying a new outfit or two, getting a lunch box, new shoes, and a backpack were all part of the preparation.

I didn’t have the excitement of seeing him off on the bus, because I went to work earlier than he left for school. The childcare provider had that pleasure. However, about the end of October I was going to a workshop that didn’t start until later, so I was able to drive him to the daycare lady a little later and then watch him get on the bus. Mind you, he had already been in school for two months. I watched him embark and then followed the bus all the way to school and cried the whole way.

Fast forward 13 years to the college drop-off. As we pulled into Carnegie Mellon to unload all his stuff at his dorm, I couldn’t even talk to the student directing traffic because I was so choked up. After we had Bob comfortably installed in his dorm room, we got back on the road for our long trek from Pittsburgh to Ashford, CT. and I probably cried for the first three hours. Most of the tears were happy ones, but there also rested a small bit of nostalgia at the loss of childhood and probably innocence.

I don’t want to scare you, just tell you that I actually survived the experience quite well and enjoyed every moment of my children’s education. Sometimes it was easier than others, but I tried hard to be an involved and interested parent who understood what was going on in and out of the classroom. Now I’m a proud grandparent who enjoys many similar things with my growing grandchildren.

Several of the things I’ve learned along the way may be helpful:

  • Know what is likely to take place during the day – usually the teachers and/or school administration will send home information about routines.
  • Learn what the curriculum is addressing for your child.
  • Familiarize yourselves with the teachers with whom your child will interact.
  • Know the rules of the school and classroom.
  • Talk to your child about his/her day using things you may have learned from emails or other info from the school.
  • Give your child some down time to decompress from their day – a snack, some outdoors time, or even reading a story together can be a good way for the child to relax.
  • Make sure you keep up with all the paper work (it’s probably email messages today – remember I’m old!) that comes home from the school.
  • Although we know that our children are perfect, if there is a disciplinary issue involving your child, try to get ALL sides of the story. If you don’t get a straight answer from the teacher, don’t be afraid to pursue it further in a quiet, respectful way. Most educators truly want your child to be successful and hopefully want to partner with you in that success.
  • Enjoy the new year and all the adventures that await you and your child.  Let me know how many hours you cried!