Are You Harried? Have Your Kids Help

Posted on: October 24th, 2018 by ctpadmin

“It’s easier to do it myself!”  That’s what I always thought when my kids were little and I was working full-time with a couple of part-time jobs on the side.  However, I quickly realized they could help with chores which, with a little practice, would improve each time they attempted them.

Below you will find a few ideas of things that children can do to be helpful to you, give you special time with your child, teach them skills that will help in academic areas, and help them grow to be responsible adults.

•Sort socks in clean laundry. (Matching)

Using everyday objects to sort for preschool children

Sorting socks can be fun!

• Set the table. (Patterning)

•Dust with a sock on the hand.

•Put away groceries. (Sorting)

•Put away toys.

•Throw away trash.

•Put away the silverware. (Sorting)

•Clear table.

•Wipe down sink, fronts of appliances in kitchen.

•Put away coats, hats, etc.

•Line up shoes in front hallway. (Sorting, Patterning)

Using shoes and boots to learn patterning for preschoolers

From this…….

… this!

•Clean out car

Are these chores going to be perfect? Absolutely not, but after a little practice, you will have two blue socks and two black socks together, a table set with the fork on the left, and the knife and spoons on the right, a clean coffee table, and you didn’t have to do it all!

Responsible adults in training!

Enjoy, Sue