PSA donates a playscape to Honduran Children’s Home

Posted on: October 1st, 2013 by ctpadmin

Preschool of the Arts teams with Westford Congregational Church and Family Academy of Music

Kids on playscape

Discovering the playscape

Fifteen people participated in a mission trip to El Progreso, Honduras this past month to install a playscape donated by Preschool of the Arts, Inc. in Tolland and Ellington.  The playscape was installed at the Hope Children’s Home (Esperanza de Honduras) by the men on the trip.  At this moment the Home is the Jeff Braun Cottage in memory of Jeff Braun from Stafford.  Among the people on the trip were Jeff’s dad, Bill and his very good childhood friend, Travis Gagnon.

Belkis on monkey bars

Belkis masters the monkey bars!

While on the trip, we all played with the children, spent time reading with them, playing soccer and showing them how to swing and slide.  It is difficult for us to imagine a 10 year old child here who has never seen a slide or a swing, but the children who reside in the home, were stunned at the playscape and had to be shown (not for long) how to make some of the things work.  It was truly a joy to participate in this event.

Accompanying Bill and Travis on this trip were John and Sue Leavitt, Steve and Susan Anderson, Kim, Tim, Jordan and Amber Nurse, Heather Horning, Alyssa Arel, Roy and Abby Kamphausen and Steve Simpson.  Each person brought a backpack for a child which was filled with school supplies, an outfit and a pair of sneakers.  These backpacks were donated by members of the Westford Congregational Church.

Kids on porch

Kids on the front porch of cottage waiting to hear about the surprise

Kathya on slide

Kathya boasts a Family Academy of Music shirt as she exits the slide

The Jeff Braun Cottage is full with thirteen children, ranging in age from 14 month twins to a 14 year old girl whose dream is to go to college, residing there. They are cared for by Mark and Amy Coats, a couple from North Carolina who have moved to Honduras with their four children to help these children.   Many of the children who are cared for in the home, never had a bed, owned any special toy, or knew where their next meal was coming from.  Today, they all have their own beds, clean clothes, and most importantly are getting an education.  They are learning English as they study in their subject areas.  Some of them are very behind, but are so excited to be going to school, they will quickly get caught up.

Because the cottage is full and the need is very great for more room, there is a great desire of all those who know of this ministry to continue working to help grow the capital to build a second cottage.  There is also a need for a couple to join the mission field to become the house parents of the new cottage.

Trav, Bill, and soccer team

The Honduras soccer team with Travis and Bill holding Valeria

 The Stafford area has been supporting an annual soccer game in Jeff Braun’s memory for ten years.  This year not only was their a fund-raising event(10th Annual Soccer Game) at Stafford High School which raised about $1200, but there was also a first annual soccer game in El Progreso while our team was there.  Travis actually played at least 2 games for one of the teams who were short handed.  It was hot and exciting.  All money raised at the Honduran soccer game goes toward the the Children’s Home.

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