You really want me to change?

Posted on: July 13th, 2015 by ctpadmin

What have you tried that’s new recently?  My last blog was about the importance of routine and establishing ritual.  Now that I’ve challenged you for that, I would like to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone to try something new. Sometimes comfort zones are good, but sometimes we get stuck in a rut. Trying something new can provide you with opportunities you never knew were possible.

When I retired the first time, I took a quilting class and a watercolor class. I discovered a side of myself that I not only didn’t know existed, let alone one at which I might actually do rather well. The painting was a pleasure that I enjoyed until I went back to work and didn’t have the time to spend doing it. The quilting has become a passion and has given me many opportunities to reach out to ones I love through special gifts.

IMG_9156  IMG_9153

Children will take their cues from their caretakers. Parents and teachers have more influence than they know oftentime.  By setting an example,in this case, stepping our of your comfort zone, you are able to encourage your child to try something new.  My kids and I had never downhill skied until John came into our lives.  One night he took us to a small local ski area and determined to teach three of us to ski – forty year old mom, nine year old Tara and thirteen year old Bob. John brought us to a little rope tow, in itself, rather intimidating, and managed to get us to the top of a very little bunny slope.  It was accomplished by putting Tara under one arm as he held onto the rope with his other. All she kept saying was that she wanted to go home.  After two trips down the bunny hill, we were all hooked.  Had I stayed in the lodge sipping hot chocolate, I don’t think my kids  would be skiing. Now they are proficient skiiers and are teaching their children. We were willing to get out of our comfort zone.

You   might start by doing some little thing. Say you have always had your furniture in exactly the same position. How about changing up the room?  You might find a whole new perspective. What if you always order the same dinner when you go out to eat?  How about trying something new?

This is a neat example to set for children. Yes, we want them to be secure in reading a book, but when they are introduced to something new, they are expanding their horizons. I believe that once a child is secure in their routines they will be more willing to try new things.

Happy change. It can be a lot of fun to accomplish a new challenge and it can also feel great to return to our comfort zone!