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Discipline Policy Form


Children who attend Preschool of the Arts, Inc. (PSA) are expected to behave in a manner that is respectful to their classmates and teachers. Occasionally children have disagreements, misunderstandings and aggressive physical behavior while interacting with staff and student. This behavior may consist of hitting, pushing or biting. The philosophy of PSA is to work with the child first to correct the behavior or attitude and help the child develop more mature and acceptable ways to solve problems. Each child is treated with fairness, dignity, and respect. If the aggressive behavior continues, the parents/caregivers are contacted by the Director. The parents/caregivers are asked to work with the school to help the child understand that aggressive behavior is not an acceptable way to solve problems.

It is the philosophy of PSA to work with all involved in discipline issues, but it is also important to be aware of the total school environment for all the children and staff.

If aggressive physical behavior persists, the parents/caregivers must comply with the following requirements for the child to remain at PSA:

Resolution of issue —Meet with parents/caregivers, teachers, the Director and owners to establish a plan to resolve the issue and change the behavior. A date will be set to evaluate the progress of the plan— usually one week.

Counseling or testing —If recommended by the staff, parents/caregivers will pursue this avenue.

Behavior Modification —If recommended, parents/caregivers and teachers will participate in the behavior modification program that is developed. This will be developed collaboratively with the director, teachers and parents/caregivers. The child will be included if it is deemed appropriate.

Monitoring —If extra staff is required to provide one-to-one monitoring for the hours the child is at school, the parents/caregivers will be responsible for the cost of that staff member.

Re-evaluation —Staff members report to parents/caregivers, Director and owners the results of child’s response to the plan. Parents/caregivers will share experiences. Staff will continue to monitor behavior for the next few weeks to help in potentially volatile situations and to devise problem solving alternatives with the child. (PSA, Inc., working in conjunction with caregivers, generally has a great deal of success in changing unacceptable behavior.)

Withdrawal —If the results above are ineffective, the Director or Owners may request one day or short term withdrawal. In the case of a child’s inability to change aggressive behavior or a parent/caregiver who is unwilling to comply with the requirements of the school, the child will be required to be withdrawn from the school for the welfare and safety of the students and staff. In case of extreme severity, this may occur on short notice.



I, , Parent of have read and agree with the discipline policy of Preschool of the Arts.

This policy has been explained to me in detail by (Staff member of PSA) on (Date)



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